"If a new result is to have any value, it must unite elements long since known, but till then scattered and seemingly foreign to each other, and suddenly introduce order where the appearance of disorder reigned."

- Wilfred Bion








2021.01.27 更新資源 各國團體關係組織對Covid-19的的反思與因應(第四次)

​2020.12.01 更新2021新年聆聽點活動訊息

​2020.11.30 更新澳洲團體關係研習會資訊

2020.10.5 更新2021第二屆台灣團體關係研習會宣傳海報

2020.9.25 更新全球團體關係社群對covid-19的回應與反思(資源區)


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